Easyjet’s CEO interviewed by El País

Last Thursday Easyjet, one of Europe’s largest Low cost airlines, opened its new base in Madrid and today El País publishes an interview with Andrew Harrison, Chief Executive Officer of the company who has managed to increase Easyjet’s profits by 56% in his first year as CEO.

In the interview, when asked whether Eastjet was going to include taxes and handling costs in its advertised prices, as recommended by the European Commission, Andrew Harrison said that all Easyjet clients had the chance to see the final price before reserving their tickets on the internet. He also said that taxes raised prices considerably and that it was important for Easyjet clients to see the cost of flights and taxes separately.

He said that the biggest difference between Easyjet, Europe’s fourth largest airline, and other traditional airlines was his company’s efficiency. He said that the company had invested a lot in new planes and that it used modern technology to cut costs and that it was a very focussed business.

In fact Eastjet will receive its 100th new Airbus this April and has ordered another 100 airbus to be delivered by 2010.

Possible merger of Easyjet with other lowcost airlines.

When asked about plans to merge with other airlines Andrew Harrison told El País that the company’s priority was what was best for its clients although he could not rule out mergers in the future. He said that in five years time the company would be twice as big, something which in his opinion would benefit both Easyjet clients and shareholders.

He said that the company operated 6% of short haul flights within Europe and that this would increase to 10% within five years.