Cheapest flights from Belfast to Spain

Two of the biggest UK low-cost airlines are offering cheap flights from Belfast airport to several Spanish destinations.

Although it is more difficult to find the same kind of deals available from other international airports in the UK, it is still possible to find some bargain flights. These are the best offers we have found available for a two week return flight to Spain from Belfast in June:


  • Belfast to Barcelona for as low as £77.96(including airport tax and charges)
  • Belfast to Murcia (and cheap flights in July and August are already scarce on this route)


  • Belfast to Alicante, for £182.48
  • Belfast to Malaga, for £182.48
  • Belfast to Palma Mallorca lowest priced flights are selling for £157.48

Another option available to air passangers flying to Spain from Belfast is to do the journey via London.

Cheap flights with Easyjet from Belfast to London Gatwick start at just under £20, and return flights from Gatwick to Alicante in June start at £38.98, so it is actually cheaper to fly to Spain from Belfast if you don’t mind having a longer journey and travelling via London.