Cheap flights to Spain Summer 2006

Low-cost flight company Monarch has just announced some new routes from the UK to Spain for Summer 2006. Customers who book now online will get the cheapest flights. The new routes are the following:

  • Birmingham to Lanzarote. Flights are available from £64.99 one-way and are scheduled to start flying every Thursday as from 4th May 2006.
  • Birmingham to Menorca. Flights are available from £43.99 one-way and are scheduled to start flying every Friday as from 5th May 2006.
  • Gatwick to Lanzarote. Flights aare available from £61.99 one way and are scheduled to start flying on Mondays and Thursdays on 1st May 2006
  • Birmingham to Almeria – Flights available from £43.99 one way three times a week as from 4th May 2006

Monarch Airlines remains one of the leading UK-Spain charter companies despite not offering the cheapest flights to Spain compared with the younger low-cost companies. This is partly because unlike other charter companies whose market share has suffered severely from the competition of companies like Easyjet, Ryanair, Jet2….

, Monarch Airlines managed to adapt its offer to the new scenario, improve its online booking system, adapt its on-board services to the no-frills policy of cheap flights and lower its prices. It still offers traditional charter services (like hot meals) on board for an extra fee, as well as other extras such as free newspapers and hot towel service, no check-in charge, and the possibility of booking a seat for £5 in order to avoid the rush of passengers trying to get good seats at boarding time.