Air Madrid to be taken over by Spanish travel company

Air Comet agrees to take on 578 Air Madrid employees

The Spanish Transport Ministry has confirmed that an agreement has been reached with Air Comet, the airline belonging to the Marsans group, in order to try and ease the problems caused by the collapse of Air Madrid. This announcement comes days after the German company LTU also committed itself to taking on former Air Madrid employees as well as operating on some routes.

Air Comet, will take on a total of 578 employees, 53% of Air Madrid’s former employees who will be selected according to their experience and qualifications. In addition, Air Comet will being operating on 7 routes to Latin America formerly operated by Air Madrid. The airline will operate routes to Argentina, Chile, Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Panamá and Costa Rica. However, there will be no flights to Brazil or Mexico.

According to Transport Ministry sources Air Comet was one of the few companies that offered to take on former Air Madrid employees.

The President of the Marsans group, Gonzalo Pascual, said that 2007 would be a significant year for Air Comet which will expand its routes to fly long haul.

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