Air Europa special offer in Spain

Spanish low-cost airline Air Europa has launched a special offer of cheap flights in Spain for Autumn 2006.

Low-cost flights are available in all of the domestic routes operated by Air Europa with the best deals being offered on routes to and from the Balearic Islands and the Canaries.

Special prices are also being offered for some of Air Europa’s international routes, including the following destinations from Spain: París, Tunisia, Prague, Budapest, Warsaw, Marrakesh, La Habana, Caracas…

For an example of the fares of flights included in Air Europa’s special Autumn 2006 sale see below:

Domestic flights in mainland Spain: 35€
Domestic flights from mainland Spain to the Balearic Islands: 34€
Domestic flights from mainland Spain to the Canary Islands: 56€
Spain to Paris: 73€
Madrid to Tunisia: 58€
Madrid to Budapest or Prague: 67€
Madrid to Warsaw: 68€
Madrid to Marrakesh: 69€
Madrid to La Habana and Caracas: 261€
Madrid to Santo Domingo: 281€

Prices quoted include airport charges and taxes.