Spanish housing market

Latest figures released by the Spanish Conveyence Association ST confirm the general trend of of a slower rise in the price of housing in Spain with respect to recent years when the Spanish property bubble was at its peak.

According to the figures published today, house prices rose by 9.8 percent during 2006. The growth in the second term of 2006 at 3.3 percent was markedly lower than the 6.3 percent growth in the first six months of the same year.

The average price of new housing in Spain now stands at 2,763 euros per square metre according to the ST.

House prices rose last year in all Spanish cities, but in some much more than in others. The regions in which consumers experienced the highest rise in house prices were Aragón (16.9 percent), Castilla La Mancha, Valencia and Catalonia. House prices rose the least in Asturias (3.9 percent), the Basque Country (5.8 percent) and, perhaps surpisingly, Madrid, where they rose by just 6.6 percent with respect to the previous year.

House prices in Spain
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