Spanish government presents new Housing Plan

Today the Beatriz Corredor, the Minister for Housing, will present the new Plan de Vivienda 2009-2012 in the Spanish parliament. The new Plan includes proposals for the construction of more subsidised housing (Vivienda de Proteccion Official – VPO). However, this time the government plans not only to help families with low income but those with average incomes too.

The Consejo de Administración de la Entidad Pública Empresarial de Suelo (Sepes) is expected to approve the government’s offer to buy land from construction companies which aims to spend 300 million euros on acquiring land destined for subsidised housing.

The offer to buy land prioritises urban areas in larger towns and cities where there is more need for subsidised property. It also gives preference to land where construction can take place more quickly.

Although regional authorities decide the size of subsidised houses under the new Plan de Vivienda the government has proposed to rent or sell houses and flats with a minimum size of 30 metres squared (m2) for two people which would go up by 15 metres for each extra member of the family.

The draft plan also proposes a maximum limit of 90 m2.

The new plan also proposes stricter controls by Public Administration to avoid fraud when the houses are allocated. It proposes that a public register is created which would guarantee the allocation of housing based on the principles of equality, transparency public control.

Under the new plan separated and divorced couples are included in the list of those with special need of housing. In addition, all housing built under the plan would remain protected housing for at period not less than 30 years.

The draft plan also includes details on incomes considered eligible for special VPO housing. This would be not more than two and a half times the Indicador Público de Renta de Efectos Múltiples (IPREM) – 1,292.

25 euros a month per household for special housing.

For housing under the general VPO scheme the maximum income is reduced to four and a half times the IPREM – 2,326.05 euros a month per household while this rises to 6 and a half time the IPREM – 3,359.85 euros for concerted housing.

The new housing plan also included proposals for the rehabilitation and renovation of urban areas.