Spain’s building industry falling more than other EU members

Spanish construction industry suffers biggest fall in production compared to other EU countries

According to figures provided by Eurostat production in the Spanish construction sector continued to fall in May with a drop of 4.3% compared to April which is the biggest fall out of all EU countries.

After registering a fall in production of 3.3% in April production in the Spanish construction industry went down again in May which means that the downward trend seen in March with a fall of 2.9% and February (6.7%) is continuing. In addition, according to the statistics provided by Eurostat the Spanish construction industry suffered the biggest fall in production followed only by the Czech Republic which registered a fall of 4.1% and Bulgaria which also experienced a fall of 3.8%.

The average fall in production in the construction industry for all EU countries was 2.7% for all the 27 EU states and 2% for countries in the Eurozone despite rises in April of 0.6% and 0.

4% respectively. In interannual terms production in the construction sector fell by 8% in the Eurozone and by 9.6% for all of the EU.

The biggest falls registered over the last 12 months were seen in Romania (23.7%), Slovenia (21.1%), the United Kingdom (17.9%) and in Spain (16%), while only Sweden, Germany and Poland registered rises of 10.9%, 1.2% and 0.1%, respectively.

The construction of buildings went down by 2.1% in May in the Eurozone and by 2.7% for all EU states after rising in April by 0.4% and 2.4% respectively. Civil engineering projects continued to go down in May with a fall of 0.4% in the Eurozone and by 1.6% for all EU countries.

Compared to May 2008 the construction of buildings fell by 10.3% in Eurozone countries and by 11.5% for all EU states while civil engineering projects rose by 0.9% in the Eurozone but fell by 1.

7% in all EU states.