Spain amongst world’s best places to live

Spain has climbed 6 places in the 2007 Human Development table published by the UN’s Development Programme (PNUD). In 2005 Spain occupied the 21st position in the table and last year it was placed 19th. However, this year it has leaped 6 places to 13th ahead of countries such as Germany(22nd), the United Kingdom (16th), Italy (20th) or Denmark(15th). Iceland appears at the top of the list.

The list is compiled using certain criteria such as life expectancy, health, GDP, education and disposable income in order to measure the standard of living in each country.

The table, which has been published yearly since 1990, includes a total of 177 countries all of which are members of the UN. There are 17 countries which are not included in the table among which are Iraq and Afghanistan because at present it is considered to be too difficult to obtain reliable data.

The top countries on the list are Iceland which occupies first place followed by Norway, Australia, Canada, Ireland and Sweden.

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