Rented student flats in Spain

Mini flats’ for students available from 2009

María Antonia Trujillo, Spain’s Housing Minister, has announced that under the Government’s housing programme, up to 10,000 student ‘mini flats’ will be built on university campus’s all over Spain.

The Vice president, María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, recognised that 80% of rented housing was rented out to young people. It is estimated that there are approximately 1.2 million University students in Spain out of which between 20 and 30% live away from home, mostly in shared student flats or residences.

The government-subsidised student flats will measure between 30 and 45 square metres and consist of one or two bedrooms with a communal living area. They will cost between 75 to 200 euros per month depending on the city and type of flat and the government intends to invest 300 million euros in the construction of up to 10,000 flats under on land owned by universities.

According to the Spanish housing minister, the programme, which forms part of the Spanish Government Housing Programme, is designed to help the mobility of students and encourage more equality of opportunity.

The mini-flats will be available to rent for up to five years in rotation and will be managed by each university. Madrid’s Carlos III University will be one of the first to have mini flats available to rent – at present it is awaiting approval to start constructing its first mini flats.