Private buying and selling of property in Spain

Euroresidentes has participated in the design and launch of a new site designed to encourage direct sales of property in Spain. The site is called Tu Tipi and contains adverts and photos of property for sale in Spain.

The technology behing Tu Tipi is based on the simple formula of Craiglist which has been so successful in linking sellers and buyers in the USA. But while Craiglist provides the basis for practically any kind of supply-demand transaction between two people (for example the site played a major part in finding emergency accommodation for victims of the Katrina hurricane last year), Tu tipi is limited to connecting people wanting to sell or rent property in Spain with people looking for houses for sale in Spain or for rented accommodation.

Anyone can publish an property advert in Tu tipi after completing the simple register form and verifying registration by clicking on the verification link sent to their email address. Use of this new site is completely free, and will remain so in the future. Property sellers or owners wanting to rent out their property in Spain can publish adverts in English or Spanish and can upload a maximum of 4 photos per advert.

Even at this preliminary stage some people have published adverts on Tu tipi, which we think indicates the extent of the need for a simple, bilingual, no-cost site with property for sale in Spain. Hopefully Tu tipi will fill this need in the coming months and become a useful resource for people looking for their dream house in Spain.

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