New land law for Spain

Zapatero promises new land law will fight corruption

This week the Spanish president, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, assured congress that the new land law will fight against corruption and speculation. He said that town halls and local government had a pivotal part to play in its application.

During the final debate in congress Zapatero said that the conditions under which urban development had taken place would change although he added that would be difficult to put right mistakes made in the past.

He said that the law was aimed at stopping property prices, which in recent years have grown disproportionately despite the fact that the housing market has begun to slow down.

The President highlighted the support for the new land law in parliament and said that the period in which the number of state subsidised housing had decreased would be corrected, the landscape and the environment would be protected and corruption would be confronted.

During this speech in congress Zapatero spoke a great deal about measures against speculation and corruption included in the land law. He underlined the need for transparency and control over urban development and guaranteed to stamp out any corruption in the public sector.

Zapatero said that the new law would show who benefited from decisions taken in town halls and gave more power to public meetings.

He also assured that the law would promote sustainable urban development and put a stop to the idea that any area could be urbanised. He also spoke of a new system of evaluation the value of land. He said the law protected individuals and spoke of citizens not property owners.

His speech was greeted by a long ovation in congress.