Mortgages for non residents in Alicante

We have received this message from a British financial advisor of a branch of Caja Madrid in Benidorm.

In our area (Alicante) Caja Madrid currently offers non residents finance up to 85 percent of the value of their chosen property, at a standard rate of Euribor + 0.90 for 25 years. Of course, depending on the client and the amount, these rates may be subject to some flexibility but I am sure you are aware that in the current market, this offer is very interesting indeed

We can also offer a network of international branches along most of the south and east Costas of Spain, a network which is growing all the time. In our international branch in Benidorm, I am one of two specialist advisers, my colleague being a French financial adviser. We pride ourselves on our speed and flexibility and not only can we offer great mortgage deals to non residents but we can also offer a level of customer service that enables all euro resident clients to feel comfortable and relaxed, especially when dealing with such stressful events as purchasing property.

We can also promise the same level of service from our German, Dutch, Belgian, Italian and Spanish euro resident colleagues..

The conditions are certainly very good. Usually the top mortgage amount for non-residents is 80 percent of the declared property value over a period of 20 years and euribor + 0.90 is a good deal. We have asked for more information regarding set-up costs and other details and when we receive them we will publish them here.

Anyone interested in further information, send us an email and we will forward it on to the Caja Madrid branch in Benidorm.

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