Mortgage loans in Spain

As the housing market continues to thrive in Spain, mortgages have become the central core business of Spanish banks around which all other bank activity seems to revolve. Even non-Spanish banks are starting to compete in the Spanish market as the demand for mortgages here just gets higher and higher.

The INE (Spain’s National Statistics Institute) has just released mortgage figures for last May which break all previous records in Spain. According to the INE report, in May the total amount of mortgages rose to 20,577 million euros which is 26 percent higher than the same month last year.

The average loan also rose to 135,946 euros, 19.2 percent higher than May last year. And more and more banks are offering clients a mortgage of 80 percent of the property’s official value.

Finally, following the trend in other EU countries, the Euribor continues to play an essential role in the mortgage sector in Spain.

According to the INE, 97 percent of mortgages signed in May were with variable interest rates dependign on the Euribor and just 3 percent were with a fixed interest rate.

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