Lowest rise in house prices in Spain since 2002

According to the General Director of Arquitecture and Housing Policy, Rafael Pacheco, the rise in the cost property has risen just 13.4 percent in the last 12 months. This represents the lowest rise for 3 years and, according to Pacheco, is the first clear result of the Spanish government’s housing policies.

The General Director also indicated the regions in which house prices have risen most. These are Castilla La Mancha (19.8 percent), Aragon (16.4 percent) and the Valencian Region (16.3 percent). In Andalucía, traditionally one of the most popular destination for non-resident house buyers, the rise in house prices at 13.7 percent is only just above the national average.

The most expensive region as far as the cost of housing is concerned is Madrid (2,719 euros per sq. metre), followed by the Basque Country (2,537 euros), Catalonia (2,037 euros) and the Balearic Islands (2,003 euros). The cheapest regions are Extremadura (864.2 euros per sq. metre), Castilla La Mancha (1,255 euros) and Leon (1,297 euros).

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