Housing policies for young house buyers

Zapatero to help the young by making housing more accessible

The Spanish president, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, has promised that the government will make housing policy a priority in order to make more housing available to a high number of young people.

Zapatero made these declarations yesterday in the closing ceremony of the 23rd Young Socialists Federal Congress in which he indicated that housing was part of PSOE’s electoral commitment and that it was an issue that especially affected young people as well as many workers which is why he assured that the government was intending to make a great effort to help young people get access to housing.

In his cabinet shuffle earlier this month, Rodriguez Zapatero substituted the previous Housing Minister for Carme Chacon. One of the new minister’s first initiatives on occupying her post was to name a new director of the Public Renting agency. The agency was created during the first year of the Socialist Government and was meant to present youngsters with affordable rented accommodation, but has as yet failed to have any great impact on the Spanish real estate market.

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