Expensive flat in Madrid

The second most expensive flat in EU for sale in Madrid

According to three of the biggest web pages representing British, German and Spanish estate agents Madrid is the city where the second most expensive flat is for sale.
The most expensive flat is in the exclusive London neighbourhood, Chelsea, and is for sale at a price of 8.1 million euros. It has 7 bedrooms, a garden and a swimming pool.

The second most expensive flat in Madrid is for sale at 5.4 million euros. It is 600 m2 and has 5 bedrooms, a 22 metre terrace and a double garage. It is in Calle Almagro near la Castellana in the Chamberí neighbourhood.

In order to find the most expensive flats for sale in Europe a group of estate agents looked at prices in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, London, Liverpool, Manchester, Munich, Hamburg and Berlín.

In Spain Barcelona and Valencia are the most expensive cities for luxury flats following Madrid. According to this study the most expensive flat for sale in Germany is in Munich.

It is 360 m2 and has 7 bedrooms and a library and costs 3.8 million euros.

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