Dangers of buying property in the Region of Valencia

Foreign Residents Association warn against buying property in the Valencian Region

The Association of Foreign Residents called ‘Citizens of Europe’ based in Altea, Alicante sent out a press release yesterday in which they recommend against buying property in the Valencian Region so long as there is no change in the urban laws there which in their opinion are abusive.

The association has 3000 members, all of whom are foreign residents living on the Mediterranean coast as well as the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. However, the majority, two thirds, live in the provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Castellon.
Their spokesperson said that in the present situation they could not recommend buying a property in the Valencian region to anyone whether they be Spanish or a foreign resident if urban laws are not radically overhauled as proposed by the European Parliament.

‘Citizens of Europe’ was founded in 1993 following the Maastricht agreement in order to provide information, encourage participation and integration of European citizens in Spain.

According to this association overcrowding, illegalities and corruption have been accurately described in a report by the European Parliament Petitions Committee which recently visited the region.

Despite the report and the recommendations made by the European Parliament the Valencian Government has refused to amend urban legislation in order to protect property owners and buyers.

The European Parliament Petitions Committee last week approved the report which received the unanimous backing of all groups apart from the Partido Popular, Spain’s main opposition party. The report was compiled following a visit by the EU Petitions Committee to Almeria, Madrid and the Valencian region last month to investigate the thousands of reports about urban abuses in Spain.

It describes many irregularities in urban laws in Madrid, Valencia and Andalucia.

The report recommends creating independent commissions to mediate in disputes over urban projects and that property owners who are affected by new building projects receive adequate compensation.

Last week Michael Cashman, a British member of the EU Petitions Commission, presented 15,000 reports of urban abuse in the Valencian region made by EU citizens.
The European Parliament has asked the Spanish Government and the regional Authorities to recognise the legitimate rights of property owners who acquired their properties legally and to define precisely under what circumstances the appropriation of a property is justified.

In addition it also recommended that regional organisations which defend the rights of their citizens be given the power of arbitration in special commissions which look at disputes over urban planning.

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