The cheapest house in Spain

According to an article in Cadena Ser yesterday, the cheapest house in Spain is in León in the locality of Bustarga, in the area known as the Sierra de los Ancares.

Situated in beautiful countryside it has a slate roof, the walls of the house are made of stone and the floor and beams are wooden. However, one disadvantage is that it doesn’t have electricity or running water. Nevertheless perhaps the possibility of seeing deer roam the surrounding area is some compensation for this.

The house which is currently on the market costs just 14,500 euros.

It is not small either. It covers 101 squared metres and has 3 floors with 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, an ancient kitchen, a cellar and an attic. Its current owners say it is ‘ideal for weekends with family or friends’.

The most expensive house for sale in Spain

In contrast the most expensive house in the Balearic Islands and is a luxurious chalet costing 17 and a half million euros for sale in Mallorca. It has all the facilities you could wish for but lacks the rural charm of the house in León.