Cheap flats in Madrid

1300 people camp out in Fuenlabrada to try and get cheap flats

Around 1,300 people have been camping out in Fuenlabrada at the doors of the civic centre where the neighbourhood association of La Avanzada has its headquarters. Whole families have been taking it in turns to keep their place in the queue and lists have been drawn up to avoid cheating – all this for the possibility of buying one of the 2,100 cheap flats that will go on sale to the public this Saturday.

The people in the queue have tents and provisions and expect to camp out there until Saturday.

The interest in the sale of the flats is due to their price. Apparently the flats will go on sale at cost price for as little as 88,000 euros for a three bedroom flat. This is five times lower than the current market price.

The promotor behind the special offer, José Moreno (also known as el Pocero de Fuenlabrada), expressed his support for those camping out in the queue and said that you have to ‘cheer on those in the queue because they are demonstrating that young people would come in their thousands to buy a reasonably priced flat’.

In response to a statement from the town hall of Fuenlabrada which distanced itself from this initiative Moreno said that the town hall and the neighbourhood association of La Avanzada ‘had never had or would ever have anything in common’.

El Pocero de Fuenlabrada has not yet confirmed the location of the flats that will go on sale on Saturday.