Average mortgage in Spain

The average mortgage among house buyers in Spain reaches 144,216 euros

Mortgages keep rising in Spain much to the dismay of many Spanish households. The Euribor has been rising constantly over the last few months and house prices keep on going up. An average mortgage in Spain is now over 10% more than a year ago.

The average mortgage varies between different regions in Spain. The highest average is in Madrid at 222,000 euros and the Basque Country at 206,000 euros compared to the lowest average of just 113,000 euros in Extremadura.

The Comunidad Valenciana is the region with the most number of mortgage holders with 603 per 100,000 inhabitants and Galicia and the Basque Country are the regions with the lowest number of mortgage holders per 100,000 inhabitants.

Spanish savings banks (in Spanish Cajas de Ahorros) conceded the highest number of mortgages followed by normal Spanish banks.

The average interest rates paid by mortgage holders with a building society was 4.12% and the average length of a mortgage was 26 years. These figures compare favourably with banks which on average charged 4.21% interest on their mortgages over a period of 26 years.

97,6% of mortgages conceded in November 2006 were taken out with variable interest rates and just 2.4% were given at fixed rates. The Euribor was used as the reference interest rate for over 80% of the mortgages conceded.

In Novembre, 21,663 mortgage holders renegotiated their conditions over 16,000 of these were mortgages for houses, 26.7% more than the previous year.

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