‘ Not Dead Yet ‘

I mentioned Julia Neuberger’s recent book on July 6th. and said that I would read it, which is what I am now doing. She sumarises her ‘manifesto’ into staccato–like statements, which become the headings for each of her ten chapters.

Here they are –

1. Don’t make assumptions about my age – end age discrimination

2. Don’t waste my skills and experience – the right to work

3. Don’t take my pride away- end begging for entitlements

4. Don’t trap me at home because there are no loos or seats – reclaim the streets

5. Don’t make me brain dead, let me grow – open access to learning

6. Don’t force me into a care home – real choice in housing

7. Don’t treat those who look after me like rubbish – train and reward care assistants properly

8. Don’t treat me like I’m not worth repairing – community beds and hospitals

9. Don’t treat me as meaningless – the right to die well


Don’t assume I’m not enjoying life, give me a chance – grey rage

The book is breathless and repetitive and has clearly been put together in haste, but I am finding it well worthwhile. I shall be referring to some of her statistics, research and reflections, and commenting on them in a few future postings.


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