Ageing is for Kicks

I must be fairly general and non-prescriptive on this blog – one person’s pleasure can be another’s invitation to boredom. But as we address the fact of ageing and the accompanying loss of various more youthful activities, it’s important to be positive about a way of life less hectic and adventurous than it used to be, but by no means at its end. Vegetation of body, mind and spirit is the adversary we battle with in these mature years and needs to be faced and faced down. So, let’s get wild!

The great thing for me (and I am not that good at kicks) is to embrace the good things of life that surround us but not so that we pretend to be what we no longer are. People do what they want, but acting young when you are clearly at the other end of the scale seems to me to be a denial of the truth and a bit sad.

So what’s up for us? Here are some suggestions.

*Tell someone you love how important they are to you. It could make their day. And yours.
*Go and see the sort of film you would never normally see and surprise yourself.

(If it’s a children’s film take earplugs with you)
*Throw away healthy eating for a day and just eat where and what you want.
*Get the car out or catch a bus and have a day to yourself in the country (or the town).
*Buy something you don’t need.
*Phone up an old friend you have lost contact with and catch up on their news and tell them yours.
*Plan a holiday.
*Go for a walk in the rain (wrap up well though).
*Smile at rude assistants in shops.
*Enjoy the company of children and try to understand them a bit more.
*Have a week when you only watch the TV programmes that entertain or engage you.
*Stay up late and see how long you can manage before you struggle off to bed.
*Celebrate anniversaries – I am taking my wife out for lunch to mark the second anniversary of my successful heart operation (she doesn’t know it yet…she does now!).