Ejercicios de inglés: Pasado Perfecto

Las respuestas de los ejercicios de nuestro curso de inglés online

Estas son las soluciones a los ejercicios en el curso online sobre: Pasado Perfecto y el Pasado Simple


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  1. By the time it stopped raining the whole village had been flooded.
  2. I eventually found my keys which I had left on the table in the living room.
  3. After I had spoken to the doctor I felt much better.
  4. I had studied a lot the day before I took my English 1st Certificate exam.
  5. I had finished tidying up by the time my parents arrived.
  6. He was sure he had seen her somewhere before
  7. We weren't afraid because we had been horse riding before. Or
    We were afraid because we hadn't been horse ridingbefore
  8. When I spent a year travelling I had already completed my degree at university.
  9. I had eaten such a large breakfast that I only had a small lunch.
  10. After I had made all the necessary changes to the article I sent it to the publishers.

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