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Ejercicios de inglés: Palabras con dos significados

Las respuestas de los ejercicios de nuestro curso de inglés online
Estas son las soluciones a los ejercicios en el curso online sobre: Palabras con dos significados

1. a) correct
b) the opposite of left RIGHT

2. a) the side of a river
b) a building where you keep your money BANK

3. a) organize a company
b) move very fast on your legs RUN

4. a) difficult
b) not soft HARD


5. a) a company that broadcasts on TV or radio
b) the place where you catch a bus or train STATION

6. a) a green area in a city
b) put your car in a space PARK

7. a) a form of transport
b) do exercise to prepare for a sport TRAIN

8. a) a collection of printed pages fastened together
b) reserve a table in a restaurant for example BOOK

9. a) put your name on a document
b) a notice giving information or a warning SIGN

10. a) a piece of jewellery you wear on your finger
b) make a sound like a bell RING

11. a) things you fight with
b) the long parts of your body that connect your shoulders to your hands ARMS

12. a) put lipstick on your face
b) to invent - for example a story MAKE UP

13. a) a very small animal with fur and a long thin tail
b)a piece of equipment used to move round a computer screen MOUSE

14. a) a piece of advice
b)extra money you give a waiter or taxi driver for example TIP

15. a) store information on a computer
b) not spend money so that you can use it later SAVE

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