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Ejercicios de inglés: Inglés Básico Adjetivos 2

Las respuestas de los ejercicios de nuestro curso de inglés online
Estas son las soluciones a los ejercicios en el curso online sobre: Inglés Básico Adjetivos 2
  1. The film was interesting.

  2. Peter feels depressed today because it’s raining.

  3. I was terrified by a large spider I saw in my garden.

  4. The results of the exam were disappointing.

  5. Reading is more tiring than watching television.

  6. He was horrified by the news.

  7. The number of people losing their jobs is very worrying.

  8. Some people think that working with computers is boring.

  9. I am interested in nature.

  10. The noise was very annoying.

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