Ejercicios de inglés: El pasado simple

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Estas son las soluciones a los ejercicios en el curso online sobre: El pasado simple

Primer Ejercicio

1. They met last year.
2. I carried the books in a bag.
3. We finished tidying the house this afternoon.
4. They left at midday.
5. She saw her mother in town.
6. He walked to work yesterday.
7. They listened to the teacher.
8. The train arrived late.
9. I fell off my bicycle yesterday.
10. He watched TV last night.

Segundo ejercicio

1. When did they meet?
2. Did you carry the books?
3. When did you finish tidying the house?
4. When did they leave?
5. Where did she see her mother?
6. Did he walk to work yesterday?
7. Did they listen to the teacher?
8. Did the train arrive late?
9. When did you fall off your bicycle?
10. Did he watchTV?

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