Friday, March 27, 2009

Spanish urban development policies condemned by European Parliament

Yesterday at a meeting of the European Parliament Spanish urban policy was condemned for the third time by European MEPs. In particular the way the Ley Estatal del Suelo (the state land law) which came into effect in 2008 has been implemented in the Valencian Region, Murcia, Castilla-La Mancha, the Balearic Islands and Andalucía where according to a project coordinated by the MEP and environmental campaigner, Margrete Auken, the legislation jeopardises the rights of landowners during the process of urban development.

The report by the EU which demands that Spain changes its legislation was passed by 349 votes in favour with 110 votes against and 114 abstentions. Amongst the conclusion of the report are proposals for the paralysis of the concession of certain EU funding to Spain and the suspension of all the Programas de Actuación Integrada (PAI) that contradict EU directives on environmental protection and public contracts.

The EU report condemns urban development carried out by Spain which violates multiple EU directives and asks for a moratorium on all urban projects. It also suggests the possibility of suspending EU funding to Spain and even puts forward the possibility of suspending Spain from the EU for not respecting the European Convention on Human Rights.

The EU also asks for the abolition of the controversial figure of the urban agent which is regulated in the Valencian Urban law and which was later adopted by the rest of Spain (see EU homeowners and ambassadors challenge Valencia's land law and Valencian land laws debated in European Parliament .
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