Friday, February 08, 2008

Most applications for rent subsidies will be accepted

Housing Minister predicts 97% of applications for help towards renting will be accepted

Recently the Spanish government set up a scheme for those aged between 22 and 30 years old under which they can receive up to 210 euros per month Spanish subsidies towards the cost of renting (Renta Básica de Emancipación). Today the Spanish Housing Minister, Carme Chacón, said that she believes that up to 97% of applications for Renta Básica de Emancipación will be accepted.

Chacón, who is currently on a visit to Segovia where she will sign a plan to renovate the Cervantes theatre, explained that almost all of the applications received so far meet the necessary requirements needed to be eligible for government help.

Nevertheless, Chacón said that it was up to each individual region to manage and authorize proceedings which then needed to be submitted to the Housing Ministry for final approval.

Chacón said that 33,199 applications had been received so far - on average more than 1000 per day – a figure which is in line with her department’s forecasts. She stated that around 360,000 young people could benefit from the government subsidy during its first year.


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