Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Swine flu vaccine in Spain

Spanish Health Minister, Trinidad Jiménez, announced this morming that the first batch of swine flu vaccines has reached Spain and that vaccinations will begin in November. She also said that antiviral remedies such as Tamiflu will soon be available once more in chemists.

Jimenez said that a final decision regarding the starting date for vaccinations would be agreed according to a proposal to be made by the Antiviral Subcommittee to the Interterritorial Health Council at its next meeting on 22nd October. The date is expected to be the same for all autonomous regions in Spain.

Spain is to receive 37 million doses of the vaccine that will be administered in two doses per person. Groups considered to be highest risk will be the first to receive the vaccine, i.e. health workers, patients with chronic illnesses and pregnant women. The logistics of this mass vaccination plan have yet to be determined.
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