Monday, August 31, 2009

Tourist spending in Spain

Foreign tourists spent 6.6% less in July 2009

According to a survey on tourist spending published by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce not only did the number of foreign tourists visiting Spain go down this summer but they also spent less. Figures from the survey show that foreign tourists in Spain spent 6.164 million euros in July which 6.6% less compared to July 2008.
These figures are partly down to the fact that the number of visitors from the UK has gone down and those that have come to Spain for their holidays have spent less. There were 17.7% fewer British tourists in July this year compared to July 2008 and they spent 1.488 million euros. German tourists who make up the second largest group of foreign tourists spent 973 million euros in July which is 7.5% less than in July 2008.

On the other hand, visitors from France, the Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland) and Italy increased their spending by 4.6%, 10.2% and 8.1% in July this year compared to July 2008.

The average amount that tourists spent in July this year remained the same as July 2008 (931 euros) which is only a slight fall (0.3%) compared to July 2008. However, the amount tourists spent per day was 90 euros which is 3.7% less than in July 2008.
The only regions which saw a rise in tourist spending were Valencia (652 million euros) and Madrid (590 million euros): 2.8% and 9.3% more than in July 2008.
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