Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ETA bomb in Burgos

ETA car bomb leaves 46 injured in Burgos

The Basque terrorist organization ETA are believed to be responsible for a car bomb which exploded in the early hours of this morning in Civil Guard barracks close to the city of Burgos. The blast caused 46 injuries.

According to sources from the Castilla and León health service most of the injured are suffering from cuts which are not believed to be serious – 38 of the injured have been taken to hospital.

The explosion caused extensive damage to the barracks belonging to the Civil Guard on the outskirts of Burgos. The blast caused a crater in the pavement where the bomb exploded and significant material damage to the barracks and nearby buildings.

Security forces are currently studying CCTV camera footage to find out more information about the van carrying the bomb which was left in the barracks.

The area is currently cordoned off while the investigation is underway and members of the health service are attending those affected by the explosion.
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