Thursday, June 04, 2009

David Attenborough wins Prince Asturias Prize

David Attenborough awarded the Principe de Asturias prize for Social Sciences

The world famous natural historian and television presenter of nature programmes, David Attenborough (born in London in 1926), has been named today as the winner of the Principe de Asturias prize for Social Science. The prize, along with the other 7 Principe de Asturias prizes, will be awarded by Felipe de Borbón in a traditional ceremony to be held in Oviedo in October this year.

The other Principe de Asturias awards which have already been named will go to Norman Foster for the Arts and the World Health Organization for International Cooperation. Each award comes with a gift of 50,000 euros and the reproduction of a statuette designed by Joan Miró.

Attenborough is one of the best known natural historians in modern times and was behind the making of award winning documentaries such as ‘Life on Earth’.
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