Monday, May 11, 2009

Spanish exports of olive oil and wine

Export market for Spanish olive oil and wine to be strengthened

Spanish wine and olive oil producers have decided to try to boost the export market for their products in order to combat the crisis in prices and falling sales in the domestic market. In both cases campaigns and programmes to promote olive oil and wine will be launched over the next few years with a budget of between 18 and 45 million euros which will be provided jointly by the producers of these goods, the Spanish government and EU

At present Spain is the biggest exporter of olive oil with an annual export market of 630,000 tonnes. However, most exports are sold in bulk and therefore at reduced prices. In the case of wine Spain is the second biggest exporter behind Italy but ahead of France with an export market of 16.9 million hectolitres. However, this product is also sold mostly to other EU countries in bulk at lower prices.

According to the Organización Común de Mercado, the wine producing sector in Spain will receive around 16 million euros in EU funds this year, 32 million euros next year and 40 million euros for later campaigns. With the help of these resources the wine industry in Spain has presented more than 500 programmes to promote their products abroad. Half the cost of these programmes will be met by companies involved in the wine industry and the other half by the EU. However, the campaigns will only take place in non EU countries.

With regards to olive oil production different promotional campaigns abroad using funds provided by the EU, the Spanish government and the olive oil industry will be developed. This year a 1.6 million campaign for the promotion of olive oil in non EU countries financed by Icex, the Andalucian regional government and the olive oil industry is in the process of being developed.

For the promotion of olive oil in EU countries such as Holland, Belgium, the United Kingdom, France and Spain itself a budget of 5 million euros has been agreed which will be jointly funded by the olive oil industry and the EU.
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