Monday, March 16, 2009

Forum of Spanish Business in New York

Spain to launch new image in New York today: Made in/by Spain

Miguel Sebastián, the Minister for Industry, Tourism and Commerce will present a new project in New York today called Made in/by Spain aimed at changing Spain’s image abroad. The project hopes to promote a modern image of Spain using well known Spanish products and brand names. The plan which is supported by a budget of 44 million euros will be presented at the first meeting of the Forum of Spanish Businesses in the United States which will be be opened today by the prince and princess of Asturias and which will be attended by a group of Spain’s top business men and women.

According to the Ministry for Industry, Tourism and Commerce Made in/by Spain will consist of 50 annual events surrounding the promotion of technological innovation by Spanish companies together with the promotion of industries related to education, culture, fashion and gastronomy. The project is being presented in the US because it is the world’s leading economy and also because it absorbs around 18% of Spain’s international exports. In addition Spain is the fourth largest foreign investor in the US with an investment of 10,000 million euros in 2007, ten times more than in 2004.

There are also plans to extend the project to other countries.
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