Thursday, November 13, 2008

Links between Spanish ETA and Colombian FARC

Links between ETA and FARC confirmed

Information discovered by the security services in France has confirmed the links between ETA and the Columbian terrorist organisation FARC.

According to this information ETA and FARC had at least three meetings in Columbia. ETA now admits that its members exchanged techniques and procedures with two of the highest ranking members of FARC in 2003. Until now ETA has never confirmed its links with the Columbian terrorist organization.

ETA has confirmed that the contacts with FARC were ‘official’ in which those charged with attending the meetings were chosen - although their names do not appear in the documents discovered in France. However it is known that one of the FARC members attending the meetings with ETA was a member of the national secretariat of FARC.

It is believed that FARC guerrillas offered to hide members of ETA during the length of time required in exchange FARC asked ETA to provide experts in medicine that could help in prisoner camps and information on anti-aircraft missiles.

ETA also recognised that during the week of meetings in Columbia combat techniques were discussed – among which was the way FARC used mobile telephones to detonate bombs or the possibility of using anti-corrosive paint instead of powdered aluminium together with other substances to produce explosive material. FARC also learnt about the construction of ‘zulos’ (hideouts).

In addition FARC asked ETA to carry out bombings and kidnappings in Europe against some of FARC’s objectives. According to information discovered Andrés Pastrana, the Columbian ambassador in Spain since 2002 and the vice president of Columbia Pacho Santos were among these objectives.

The information discovered has been included in a report by the Civil Guard and discussed in a meeting with the Spanish national police and the Columbian authorities.
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