Monday, February 11, 2008

Spain protests to British Government over New Flame wreck

The Andalucian regional government to claim ‘New Flame’ clean up operation costs back from EU

The Andalucian regional government is to reclaim the costs of cleaning up beaches affected by the sinking of the cargo ship 'New Flame' from the EU. Manuel Chaves, the president of the Andalucian regional government, has also announced that civil action against the owner of the sunken cargo ship ‘New Flame’ and its insurance company will begin in order to get compensation for money spent from public funds.

According to Cristina Narbona, the Minister for the Environment, the Spanish government has asked to meet with the British ambassador in Madrid to discuss the way the government of Gibraltar dealt with the situation following the sinking last year of the ship carrying scrap metal off the Andalucian coast. Regional politicians have criticised the authorities in Gibraltar over what they regard as delays and slackness in recovering the wreck to avoid further pollution.

Cristina Narbona said that the government of Gibraltar has asked the British government to assume its responsibilities in relation to the new spill from the ship produced this weekend.

Meanwhile President Chaves has announced that the claims for compensation from the EU will begin immediately while the civil action against the ship owner and its insurance company will require more time.


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