Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Madrid bombing suspects on hunger strike

Two M-11 prisoners and 9 Islamist Prisoners on Hunger Strike

The protest began last Saturday and is being followed by prisoners in various centres. There are four prisoners on hunger strike in Fontcalent prison in Alicante, five in the prison in Villena and another two, an Algerian and a Moroccan prisoners in Picassent, Valencia.

All those on hunger strike have written to their respective prison governors protesting their innocence saying that they have been falsely accused of involvement in Islamist terrorism.

As well as ‘El Haski’ and ‘El Gnaoui’, who are among the hunger strikers Abdelkrim Bensmail, an Algerian member of an organisation called the ‘Armed Islamic Group’ in prison since 1997 and implicated in a suicide bomb plot against the High Court in Spain is also on hunger strike.

The Spanish Government Delegate in Valencia said yesterday that the prisons where the hunger strikes are taking place have activated their protocols for medical assistance in such protests. The Prison authorities have dismissed the strike as an attempt to attract publicity.


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