Thursday, July 12, 2007

Plymouth-Santander Ferry on list of possible ETA targets

The ETA terrorist arrested in Santander was waiting for a car bomb and had information on the ferry to plymouth and the law courts

Aritz Arginzoniz Zubiaurre, a suspected ETA terrorist, was arrested on Tuesday in Santander. Information on 3 possible targets – the Santander to Plymouth ferry, the Law Courts and a popular pedestrianised square in the centre of Santander – was found amongst his belongings along with a Smith&Wesson pistol and a timer, the kind often used by ETA.

The Spanish National Police believe that Aritz Arginzoniz Zubiaurre could have been waiting for a car bomb in order to start taking action, although another type of attack has still not been ruled out of the investigation. All 3 of the possible targets are in the centre of Santander with easy access to the main ring road which provides an quick way of leaving the city.

It is thought that Arginzoniz was part of an ETA cell which has recently been created Cantabria together with his girlfriend, Saioa Sánchez Iturregi. Both of them had been in the ETA cell in Vizcaya which was disbanded by the Basque police, the Ertzaintza, at the end of December last year, but they escaped capture and went into hiding when the Ertzaintza discovered 230 kilos of explosives in Amorebieta and Atxondo and subsequently an ETA hideout shortly following this. Police are still looking for Saioa Sánchez Iturregi and believe that the couple have been in Cantabria since 1st July.

The arrest of Arginzoniz on Tuesday took place at Santander bus station. According to police sources it was his nervous attitude that raised suspicion and, according to reports, when questioned Arginzoniz claimed to be a member of ETA and did not at any moment try to escape. He was taken to the police station where it was discovered that as well as false documentation his rucksack also contained a timer, information on possible targets and a handgun. Immediately following this discovery at police evacuated the bus station.

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