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José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero

President of Spain

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Spain's president, known as "Zapatero" although his full surnames in Rodriguez Zapatero, is married and has two daughters. He is fiercely private about his private life, and unlike his predecesor Aznar, is reluctant to pose for family pictures for the press. His wife maintains a very discreet presence at official events and receptions, and keeps out of the limelight as much as possible. When he became President of the Spanish Government, Zapatero asked the Spanish media to respect the privacy of his wife and daughters. And to a great extent, the media has respected his wish.

President of Spain or Prime Minister? In theory, the president of Spain is not a president at all. Spain is a constututional monarchy, the King is the Head of State and has to approve the appointment of the head of government who, in other constitutional monarchies, would be referred to as prime minister.

However, the Spanish constitution refers to the leader of government as president, and so do Spaniards, Spanish media and protocol. All leaders of Spain's regional autonomies are known as "presidents" too.

We have been unable to find any reason behind this. Before the Spanish Civil War Spain had a President, but of course at that time the country was a Republic. Maybe the experts and politicians who took part in drawing up the present constitution after Franco's death "president" had symbolic value (Franco preferred to be called General during his dictatorship) among Spaniards yearning to complete the transition from dictatorship to democracy. Whatever the reason, although José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero is often called "prime minister" by foreign media, within his own country he is known as the President of Spain or Presidente of Government.



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José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, President of Spain.
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